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Normal Business Hours:
Drop off between 7:30am = 9:00am
Pick up between 4:00pm = 6:00pm
Half day pick up /drop off between 12:00pm 1:00pm

- No fleas allowed! If you dog is found having fleas, they will be treated for
it on-site at your cost.
- Vaccination Certificate must be presented, including:
* Proof of Bordatella (kennel cough)
* Rabies Vaccination
* Last HeartwormTest
- Your dog must be on a routine heartworm medication.

- Our counselors believe in giving all dogs a fair chance at having fun! We
will do a small evaluation just to ensure that your dog is not dog
aggressive and is safe for our other day-residents. We will then include
them in all our daily activities through a normal stay at our daycare facility.
If all goes well, your dog will allowed to return on a daily basis. As dogs'
personalities do change over time, we reserve the right to re-evaluate any
of our returning daycare residents.
- If your dog is on special medication that is needed during their visit to
our facility, please bring it and make us aware of all directions and
circumstances that are needed to administer the medication. Additionally,
please include your veterinarian's contact information.

- We routinely reward our daycare residents with treats throughout the
day. If your dog has any special diet restrictions/requirements please let
us know! We will do the best to accomodate them and if there are specific
treats your dog should have, please bring some with them at check-in.
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