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Our Facility
Good Dog University and Daycare is located at 167 River St. in
West Springfield. We have roughly 2200 sq ft for indoor
playing and leave most of it open for our dogs to run and play
in freely.
For the more reserved and relaxed dogs, we also have
a 'real life room' where we have 'dressed' up the room
to look like the living room of someone's home. Here
we can place our shy dogs to relax, or dogs who want
a quieter day.
Outside, we have newly built play area for our daycare
residents. It is a 6 ft. stockade fence encompassing
2500 sq ft. with both shade and sun. We have a
double-door entry way to ensure the safest entrance
and exit from the play area as well.
   Good Dog University & K-9 DayCare  
Foundation For a Loving Lasting Companionship"